“What Would You Call A Performer Who Is An Accomplished Singer & Songwriter, Actress, Comedian, Acoustic Guitarist & Children’s Performer?   

How About Busy?”
The Register Citizen, Torrington, Ct.



Nancy Tucker blends outrageous squeaky clean comedy, spirited guitar instrumentals  and moving songs of human experience in her shows for people of all ages. Her music and comedy center around a passion for life and laughter. Her guitar instrumentals have been compared to those of Michael Hedges and Leo Kottke, with a flair for unusual and kinetic compositions using every part of the guitar, including a guitar  attachment of her own invention. No matter what the venue, Nancy captures each audience's imagination and heart with gentle invitation and contagious lunacy.

Says Ellen Geisel, reviewer for Dirty Linen International Magazine, "Nancy Tucker's brilliant Steven Wright-styled wit was in danger of overshadowing her impressive guitar chops. She is a hilariously funny comedian who also sings in a smooth and smoky alto. Her amazing percussive instrumental 'Mudpies' was a guitar tour-de-force which got the crowd's eyes riveted back to her fingers on the strings, instead of her delightfully expressive face."