“She makes me laugh!”   Faith Middleton, CT Public Radio

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Nancy Tucker

Nancy Tucker’s career as a professional composer spans thirty years. Her original scores interpret the thrilling sounds of nature from tiny cricket to tumultuous storm, while others illuminate the deepest questions of the heart.

Her music enhances the creative endeavors of a number of industries. Macmillan/McGraw-Hill, HarperCollins and Scholastic include her upbeat music in a variety of children’s educational projects. Her soothing guitar instrumentals are used in Florida hospitals for their calming effect on patients. Others depict the humorous sounds of a recalcitrant washing machine on overload or a cacophony of insect sounds blended into a rhythmic symphony. And with its unique sense of storytelling, her music also supports the narrative score of video and digital animation.

Whether writing for orchestra or solo guitar, Nancy’s compositions shine with personality.

“Nancy’s inventive instrumentals evoke feelings and images in the listener that express a depth and range of qualities difficult to capture in words…soothing, wistful, turbulent, playful.” Bobbi Blake, Board Certified Music Therapist



"She has a rare ability to listen and translate. Her music is atmospheric, calming and subtly compelling. These qualities transform into the perfect sound for my Nature's Way Meditation CD." Marlow Shami, Master of Science in Eco-psychology

“Nancy Tucker is a master audio-storyteller. Her expressive instrumentals create a perfect-pitch connection to the storyline. Each song is an imaginary landscape of sound, so well crafted, it springs the animation to life with ease.” Karen LaFleur, Artist, Storyteller, Animator

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