Nancy Tucker Reviews

“Tucker is a refreshing maverick.”

The Boston Globe

“Stephen Wright’s less-evil twin.”

The Hartford Advocate

“Nancy Tucker makes people really giggle, and plays truly hot guitar; she evokes the absurd through a stream of whimsical consciousness that leaves you breathless from laughter, wondering ‘Does this woman ever sleep?’ Tucker’s art is a delight for the senses and the soul. More! More! The world needs more!”  

 Margie Rozenkranz, Producer, Albany, NY


“It is a vast understatement to simply say that Nancy Tucker is loved by the Falcon Ridge audience. Yet, in its simplicity, it is to the very point. The why of it is more complex. Children are swept up by Nancy’s zany life lessons in all the ways she can communicate them. Both kids and adults are astounded by her prowess as a master guitarist, songwriter, comedienne and singer … enough talent for 3 or 4 performers surely. But all this talent is just the conduit for a great communing and bearing of the soul … a huge sharing of laughter and introspection and feeling great. This is some of the why Nancy Tucker is forever loved by the Falcon Ridge Festival audience.”

 Anne Saunders, Falcon Ridge Festival, Hillsdale, NY

“Add the footloose physical high jinks of Carol Burnett to the irreverent verbal wit of Paula Poundstone, the incandescent guitar acumen of Leo Kottke and the mixed media brilliance of Laurie Anderson; shake well, and the astounding sum equals Nancy Tucker.” 

The Daily Gazette, Schenectady, NY  

“Her stunning guitar work, clear voice, and fine songwriting tell me she will be around when the flash artists have gone.”

Tom Paxton

“Nancy Tucker totally captivated our state conference with her dead-pan humor, wry observations, clever lyrics, and superb guitar accompaniment.”  

Marion Brown, Past President Upstate NY Region National Association of Educational Buyers

“For ardent followers of life in the nineties, Nancy Tucker’s mission is to uncover the places where the darkest moments intersect with the most ridiculous. She does this without equal.”  

The Concord Journal, Concord, MA

“My favorite musical discovery of the festival was Nancy Tucker, an unnervingly talented combination of master guitar instrumentalist, insightful songwriter, and standup comic.”    

Mike Parrish, Dirty Linen International Music Magazine



…humor that sparkles with wit and intelligence.” 

Bruce Pratt, Roaring Brook Concert Series, Canton, CT



“Look in the dictionary under ‘fun’ and there she is.”  

Mark Ashton, Walkabout Clearwater Coffeehouse, Goldens Bridge, NY


“…a uniquely perceptive sense of the ridiculous.” 

Recovery Networker Magazine, Hartford, CT


“One of the finest guitarists, singers and comediennes I’ve ever heard.”

Sonny Ochs, Producer, Franklinton, NY

“With Nancy Tucker, you get your money’s worth…  entertainment shopping.”

The New York Times