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Drawing on years of performance experience, Nancy’s multitude of highly honed skills is grounded in her early years as a veterinary technician, biology teacher, artist and lover of life. Nothing escapes Nancy’s insatiable curiosity, hence the continual birth of intelligent and compelling belly-laugh-inspiring camp performances.

Whether it’s a pre-camp staff or camp session show, Nancy’s annual summer camp tours throughout New England, New York and Pennsylvania are always in demand. (See testimonials/references and youtube links below) She inspires collective joy, boisterous singing, and major fun with her original material and current contemporary music.

Once the show is booked, you will get a phone call from Nancy. Her mission? To learn more about what makes your camp unique; Traditions, myths, special places, and the popular and traditional music campers love to hear and sing. Tucker’s passion is to feel the pulse of your camp’s spirit and embody this wonderful feeling with your whole camp community through music, rhythm, and group participation.


Sometimes Nancy is also available to perform for pre-camp staff as they prepare for the big summer camp season. This show cultivates a sense of community and common mission. The staff leaves this experience feeling more connected to one another and sparked with camp spirit.

What Camps are saying about Nancy Tucker’s Show

For over 20 years Nancy Tucker has been performing for our camp community. With her music and humor she brings an energy and excitement like no other performer we have ever brought to camp.  Our campers and counselors from all over the United States and overseas simply adore her.  They know the words to all of her songs by heart.  They bring handmade signs to her concerts that proclaim “We Love You Nancy” and “I Fancy Nancy.”  Each year her visit is rated as one of the highlights of the entire summer.  Nancy Tucker is an honorary member of the Kenwood & Evergreen family.  We can’t imagine a summer without her.  
Jason Sebell, Assistant Director, Camps Kenwood & Evergreen

Nancy Tucker has become a regular cult figure here at Camp Hazen YMCA!  The campers and staff absolutely love her and look forward to her camp appearances every year – campers call me in the winter to find out when she is coming to make sure they sign up for that session.    We all have our Nancy Tucker favorites and she always obliges us by including our requests, along with new songs every summer.    I am not sure which I enjoy more…Nancy Tucker’s performance or watching the campers enjoy it!   On our end of session evaluations, Nancy Tucker consistently gets the highest rating of all our evening programs!  
Danita Ballantyne, Camp Director, Camp Hazen YMCA


Jason Sebell
Assistant Director
Camps Kenwood & Evergreen

Danita Ballantyne
Camp Director
Camp Hazen YMCA
(860) 526-9529 

Eric Tucker (no relation)
Executive Director
Camp Jewell YMCA

Shelley Tager
Indian Head Camp 
winter: 914-345-2155
summer: 570-224-4111

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